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Whom do we address?

Supported by the European Commission and the European Department of the Hessian State Chancellery the network members inform and offer consultancy to Hessian companies, new entrepreneurs, cities and communities, citizens, schools and kindergartens, research institutes and other organisations regarding all questions about the European Union.

What are the network's goals?

The network Europainfo Hessen aims to present as a one-stop-shop the various consultancy services and fields of competency of the EU helpdesks in Hessen and to provide an overview of the whole range of services. The clients benefit from choosing the suitable service at a glance and, if required, they can get in touch with the right contact person quickly and easily.

The members of the network would like to increase the range of information and consultancy services on European matters by co-operation and use of synergetic effects. Cooperative projects such as events, this Internet presentation and the development of joint services are meant to extend the offerings at the clients' service.