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International Relations - City of Frankfurt

InternationalRelationsare a municipal service centre for European and international companies,institutionsand associations located in Frankfurt, for citizens as well as municipal offices. It helps clients whoseek advice concerning international and European affairs. Moreover, itdevelopsEuropean and international exchange projects with partners from foreign/other countries. International Relations are involved in different networks and support companies as well as scientific andcultural institutions in expanding their international co-operation systematically.  Besides, this office is to be regarded as a link between the municipality and the European Institutions. It influences the European urban policy and transfers information from the European Institutions in Brussels to the local level. In addition to the co-ordination ofa strategy on European policy of the individual municipal offices International Relations analyze political, legal and economical developments in Europe and initiate EU-fundedprojects. 



Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Mayor´s Office - International Relations

Sandgasse 6
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 69 212-44033
Fax.: +49 69 212-31730
E-Mail :

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